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Helm Controller

The GitOps Toolkit Helm Controller documentation.

The Helm Controller is a Kubernetes operator, allowing one to declaratively manage Helm chart releases with Kubernetes manifests.

Helm Controller Diagram

The desired state of a Helm release is described through a Kubernetes Custom Resource named HelmRelease. Based on the creation, mutation or removal of a HelmRelease resource in the cluster, Helm actions are performed by the controller.


  • Watches for HelmRelease objects and generates HelmChart objects
  • Supports HelmChart artifacts produced from HelmRepository and GitRepository sources
  • Fetches artifacts produced by source-controller from HelmChart objects
  • Watches HelmChart objects for revision changes (including semver ranges for charts from HelmRepository sources)
  • Performs automated Helm actions, including Helm tests, rollbacks and uninstalls
  • Offers extensive configuration options for automated remediation (rollback, uninstall, retry) on failed Helm install, upgrade or test actions
  • Runs Helm install/upgrade in a specific order, taking into account the depends-on relationship defined in a set of HelmRelease objects
  • Prunes Helm releases removed from cluster (garbage collection)
  • Reports Helm releases statuses (alerting provided by notification-controller)
  • Built-in Kustomize compatible Helm post renderer, providing support for strategic merge, JSON 6902 and images patches


Controller Options

Controller command flags and defaults.

Helm Releases

The GitOps Toolkit Custom Resource Definitions documentation.

API Reference