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Version 2.2 of the documentation is no longer actively maintained. The site that you are currently viewing is an archived snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

Flux Roadmap


The Flux project roadmap is divided into milestones representing minor releases, each with a set of goals and tasks. The milestones marked as provisional are subject to change based on the project’s priorities and the community’s feedback.

Please note that the Flux maintainers prioritize fixes to defects affecting GA APIs and security issues over new features. Depending on the volume of incoming issues and the complexity of the fixes, the roadmap may be adjusted and new features may be postponed to the next milestone.

v2.2 (Q4 2023)

Status: Completed (v2.2.0 changelog)

The primary goal of this milestone is to promote the HelmRelease beta API to v2beta2 and to introduce a new reconciliation model for Helm releases.

v2.3 (Q2 2024)

Status: In progress

The primary goal of this milestone is to make a generally available release for the Flux Helm APIs and the Flux Helm functionalities.

v2.4 (Q3 2024)

Status: Provisional

The primary goal of this milestone is to make a generally available release for the Flux image automation APIs and S3-compatible storage APIs.

v2.5 (TBD)

Status: Provisional

This milestone’s tasks have not been determined yet.

  • Conformance testing

    • End-to-end testing for Kubernetes 1.32
  • EOL and Deprecations

    • End support for Flux v2.2.x
    • End support for Kubernetes v1.28.x
    • Remove deprecated APIs in group
    • Remove deprecated APIs in group

Request for comments

The RFC process provides a consistent and controlled path for substantial changes to enter Flux.

To keep track of the Flux project current direction and future plans, please see following RFCs:

  • RFC-0001 Memorandum on the authorization model
  • RFC-0002 Flux OCI support for Helm
  • RFC-0003 Flux OCI support for Kubernetes manifests
  • RFC-0004 Block insecure HTTP connections across Flux
  • RFC-0005 Artifact Revision format and introduction of Digest
  • RFC-0006 Flux CDEvents Receiver
  • RFC Define Flux tenancy models
  • RFC Passswordless authentication for Git repositories
  • RFC Custom Health Checks for Kustomization using Common Expression Language(CEL)